The calendar below lists all CURRENT AVAILABLE TIMES THAT YOU COULD SERVE A MEAL! Meals are served seven days a week by our volunteer groups! You can serve by planning a meal using food stored in our pantry, or by providing your own food.

Lunch is served daily at 11:30 am.
Day Shelter meal is served at 4:00pm five days a week.
Dinner service is at 7:30 pm daily.

Plan on preparing food for 75-125 people for lunch. The diner meal serves 50-75 men. For the Day Shelter snack, plan on feeding 40-60 people depending on the weather.

If you are going to use the ingredients we have, plan on coming a couple of hours before service. If you are bringing the food prepared, arrive approximately an hour before service. It is always wise to call ahead to double check with the staff regarding our latest counts for our meals. They change throughout the year.

1.) Decide on the date that works best for you and your group.
2.) Email Kelly Wallace let her know what date you have chosen. She will let you know if that date is still available.
3.) Scroll to bottom and download the One Time Meal Service Information
4.) Fill out completely
5.) Email the completed form to Kelly Wallace
6.) She will send you a confirmation email. (YOU ARE NOT ON THE SCHEDULE IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL)

We greatly appreciate your willingness to serve and look forward to seeing you!

Meal Server Calendar

June 2018

Meal Servers

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