Volunteers cook and serve meals 3X each day throughout the year! We have an 11:30 am lunch, 4:30 pm Day Shelter meal, and a 7:30 pm dinner that are served daily.

Plan on cooking for approximately 125 men, women and children for the lunch meal. The Day Shelter and Dinner meals serve approximately 70 men. Food for these meals is stored in our pantry and freezer. A weekly menu is planned ahead of time and the food is usually available to you when you arrive at the Shelter.

Many volunteer groups bring their own food and personal style to their opportunity to serve a meal to the homeless men that walk through the doors. You are free to do so. If you choose to prepare your own meal, just call ahead of time to get the "current number of people" that you should plan on cooking for.

Each cooking group is different, but, we would suggest that you have at least 4 people available to prepare, cook and serve. Our average group size is typically 6-10. Should you have any other questions, email Kelly Wallace;