Recent developments between a Firehouse Shelter board member, Carol Schulz, Alabama Gleaning Project Coordinator, Mary Lynn Botts, Clearbranch UMC mission volunteer, and Firehouse Shelter Emergency Shelter Coordinator, Rob Davis have resulted in a partnership that will address hunger, healthy food alternatives, and the procurement of fresh vegetables and fruits for our meals program. What a difference and impact you are making in our community!

"We had a great day Saturday at Pepper Place, farmers seemed to be glad we were back and we recovered 322 lbs of healthy veggies that would have otherwise gone to waste. We were able to secure lots of beautiful greens and lettuce, all very healthy. Hope your guys enjoyed some good healthy eating," exclaimed Mary Lynn.

In an effort to partner with this outstanding organization, The Firehouse Shelter staff has agreed to send volunteers (men participating in one of our programs) to Pepper Place every Saturday to pick up the leftover food not purchased that morning. Mary Lynn had this to say about the men who have volunteered their time to date. "I cannot thank you enough for sending your guys over to help. Aaron and his team of men have been outstanding and I love having them participate."

Interested in learning more or volunteering yourself. Just contact Mary Lynn Botts!

Mary Lynn Botts
Alabama Program Coordinator
Society of St. Andrew
Gleaning America's Fields Feeding America's Hungry