In an effort to increase public awareness of The Firehouse Shelter and all that we do to address the needs of the homeless in the Birmingham metro area, we have recorded a series of interviews with staff, former guests, and long time board members. Our goal is to feature a different video each month that highlights a different aspect or point of view of The Firehouse Shelter.

Known for years as a soup kitchen and an emergency shelter, The Firehouse Shelter has reached into the affordable housing industry to provide low cost stable housing options to the homeless men who walk through our doors. Our video collection brings special attention to all of the people and programs that have transformed the lives of the homeless and how effective we have been at re-weaving these men back into the fabric of society once again.

Special thanks goes out to Chuck Watkins with New Leaf Design for the design, layout, and editing of every video produced since May 2012. We hope each video touches your heart and moves you to act with a greater compassion to serve 'the least of these'.

The Firehouse Shelter Video Gallery